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IQ iPhone 8+ White Smart Battery Case

As you slip your iPhone 8+ into your IQ Battery Case you’ll know its exact fit ensures protection.

And, once your iPhone slides into IQ’s Easy Connect Lightning Port you’ll know your case will provide Power you never expected.

When you press the responsive IQ Button On-Demand Power will illuminate the LED Power Display signaling 22-26 hours of additional battery charge on-demand. This means peace of mind when you’re out and about and forgot to plug-in your phone overnight. It means when you go camping, skiing, boarding or simply into the wild your IQ Battery Case has your back. It means when the power goes out and there’s nowhere to charge the IQ Button has you covered.

We could go on, but the reality is our owners often discover a new reason why they’re thankful for their IQ Battery Case. We look forward to you joining and sharing your IQ story. Of course, you can securely checkout below or call if you want to order through an IQ.

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Color White

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  • Design: Durable One-Piece Construction
  • Material: TPU Grip Tech
  • Battery Type: High-Grade Lithium Polymer
  • Power: 4000mAh
  • Power Source: Easy Connect Lightning Tooth
  • Depth: Ultra-Thin Design
  • IQ On-demand Power System: Included
  • Power Display: LED

IQ 1-Year Advantage. Full replacement for malfunction.
1-2 Business Days

IQ iPhone 8+ White Smart Battery Case

  • Brand: IQ Battery Cases
  • Product Code: IQ-8P-W
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ships in: 1-2 Business Days
  • $89.00

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